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Best wineries in Victoria

Best wineries in victoria

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning your honeymoon or simply spending a weekend away from home relaxing with your significant other, you’ll find that there are no shortage of wineries in Victoria. Indeed, the historic region of Victoria is one of the most sought after locations for vineyards in Australia as well as world class winery tours. There are some great wine producing areas in the Pilbara including Margaret River, which boasts of some of the finest examples in Australia. These are some of Victoria’s finest vineyards.

Bellarine Peninsula: If you are looking for the ultimate in relaxation and serenity, you need look no further than Bellarine Peninsula in the Eastern Ghats. This region is home to nearly 80 wineries. It offers some of Australia’s best choices, including those in the Perth metropolitan area and the outlying regions of Maroochyong and Armidale. In fact, many of the wineries in this area have their own restaurants with expert staff who will be able to guide you through the wine selection. The main wineries include Bellarine Cellars, Macks Hotel and Winery, Mt Trashmore Vineyard and Wollomombi Vineyard. All these wineries also rank among the best in the world, as it turns out.

Yarra Valley: Few places in Australia are more beautiful and romantic than the Yarra Valley. Caloundra and Mt Gambier are the heart of the valley. Each town is home to its own major vineyard, with their unique style and flair. For instance, one of the most famous vineyards in Australia is the Warkworth Vineyard, where their flagship wines are often featured in International wine competitions and on wine lists. While there, you can also try some of the other major vineyards such as Mount Hotham and Mt Evelyn. Of course, none of these would be complete without tasting the sparkling wines that are produced at each of the wineries. Some of the more popular choices include Bellingen and Mt Hotham, while some local favorites include Laverdi and Rhys.

Bellingen: There are few places in Victoria that offer such a wide range of dining options and winesries. Bellingen has the Bellingen Wine Door. This restaurant specializes in international cuisine and fine dining. If that’s not enough, you can also take in a picnic in the gorgeous Torquay Country Park or explore the nearby beach with a dolphin cruise. You can even grab a picnic lunch at one of the many roadside stalls along the way. If wine is not your cup of tea, Bellingen has many well-established caf├ęs. You can grab a hot coffee at any of these cafes or browse the local bookshelves for information about the region.

Mt Hotham: Mt Hotham also has a variety of wineries that have been awarded, which many you will likely get a chance of seeing during your Victoria trip. One of the most prominent among them is Mt Hotham’s Cheese Board, which is located in the Hotham Sanctuary just outside of Mt Hotham. The Cheese Board offers a variety of cheeses made locally by artisans. These include cheddar, salt-cured smoked cheese and Gouda. If you wish to enjoy a picnic at the Cheese Board, you could even rent a car from Mt Hotham, a Victoria-based car rental company, and take a drive to Hotham Sanctuary to sample delicious local breads and cheeses. You can visit the Cheese Board from Sunday to Friday. There are special menus for every week.

Mt Hotham Cellars & Winery – If you are looking for a closer wine experience in Victoria, Mt Hotham Cellars & Winery is ideally located at the foot of Victoria Falls. This quaint little winery is noted for its cheese platters and other fine foods, and they boast several award-winning wines, like a Riesling that has a hint of raisins on it. While there are actually quite a few local wineries to choose from in this area, Mt Hotham is definitely the best of the rest. You can also get a taste of the area’s famous smoked food during the summer, which is highlighted by the ever-popular cheese platter. Mt Hotham Cellars & Winery also offers a wide range of accessories for wine to enhance your enjoyment.

The Wine Shop: Itineraries are a dime a dozen these days, but if you’re particularly seeking a unique experience, you should really consider booking an appointment at The Wine Shop in downtown Victoria. Every Sunday, this small establishment on Commercial Street offers delicious tasting options. With two tasting rooms, you’ll never have to worry about having to go to two different places to find a good bottle. There is rarely an occasion when the winery is not busy. You can expect live entertainment on Sundays as well as wine tastings and wine classes. If you’re craving a unique experience that’s not offered anywhere else, this is one of the best places to go.

Victoria is home to many other wineries, some of which are small but equally impressive. Bowral Estate Vineyard is located in Mt Hotham, as well Estate Vineyard. Although wine tasting may not be on your priority list when you visit Victoria, it is worth visiting a few of these places. You might even be tempted to sample some of their other products!